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Sustainable Courier Service


Making Shipping Sustainable

At Yabathu Couriers we live and breathe sustainability. We use the environmental, social, and economic pillars of sustainability to guide our business decisions to ensure we don’t compromise the success of future generations with our actions today!



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Yabathu Couriers strives to promote a culture of respect for the environment within our company, by recognising that the protection of the environment as one of the main core values of our company.

At Yabathu Couriers we are committed to delivering your parcels in the most sustainable way. We are committed to optimising all non-renewable resources.

Yabathu Courier firmly believes in developing a business that meets today’s needs without compromising the future.  With this philosophy in mind our management and staff have pledged to develop and implement environmental, social, and economic sustainability strategies.

We will will create profit for our shareholders while protecting the environment and improving the lives of those with whom we interact with.


Click on the button below to find out more about the impact of COVID-19 impact on shipping. To read more about COVID-19, please visit South Africa Government’s Corona Portal at www.sacoronavirus.co.za

Our Courier Services

Eco Delivery

Our extensive Eco Service solutions offer your business friendly and competitive shipping rates for the transport of low- to mid-urgency goods. Eco services might not transit your shipments as fast as Green Express Services, but in return, you get very attractive rates.

Green Express Service

For fast, reliable, high-speed delivery, high-urgency shipments Yabathu's Green Express Service might just be the solution for you and your goods.

Yabathu Couriers offers a very wide range of flexible express courier services, locally as well as internationally. 

Emergent Service

In some cases, you might need to have your shipment picked up and delivered on the same day. The good news is that we offer those same-day delivery services too. The even better news is that we offer those services at very (very) friendly rates.

Peregrine Airfreight

If you need to send a heavy consignment that needs to be delivered fast, our Peregrine airfreight service might just be the perfect solution for you. Yabathu Courier services can offer your business tailor-made solutions to get your air freight organised accurate, fast, clean and financially transparent.

International Shipping

Sea freight is a very cost-effective way of transporting your products, parcels and goods across the world. Yabathu Couriers partners with major shipping lines and carriers, which will make sure that your shipments are delivered safely and accompanied with the correct paperwork. 


By utilising our extensive warehousing experience and great warehouse management software it's never been so easy to store and control your stock. 

Yabathu Couriers' flexible approach allows you to enjoy scalable storage costs and variable capacity based on the seasonality or organic growth of your business. 


From startups to established multi-channel eCommerce merchants, Yabathu's top-notch service and extraordinary dependability benefits a wide range of businesses.

We can provide you and your company end-to-end solutions for all businesses no matter their industry or size.


In keeping with our philosophy being a courier service with a difference, we provide a complete e-commerce and drop-ship order fulfilment solution tailor-made for your business. Technologically empowering you with a ready plug and play API that integrates with your e-commerce website platform.

We Have the Power to Impact Our Future, and We’re Doing Something About It

Yabathu Couriers are on a mission to make your working life easier, simpler and more enjoyable.  We offer international as well as local, tailor-made logistical solutions for you and your business. With Yabathu Couriers as your partner, logistics has never been easier.

Yabathu Couriers will provide you with your own, tailor-made, complete freight-solutions. We do this by offering our know-how and experience. We also do this by proactively using our shipping expertise to improve your business’ logistics (and, subsequently, saving you time, money and frustration).


Yabathu Couriers is an emerging 100% black-owned business, specifically created to fulfil unique logistics partnerships serving the public and private sector.

Yabathu Couriers have a wealth of experience in providing trusted courier service to the public and government departments plus grass-roots delivery of important supplies to rural schools throughout South Africa in time – on time.

Documentation, study assignments, chronic medication and essential business logistics are on our forté list.

Yabathu Couriers’ network reaches out to the more inaccessible areas of South Africa with systems and staff to provide the best solution at the most affordable price.

Our objectives are to provide access to all South Africans by investing and partnering with communities, small businesses and corporates across the board.

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Shipping Tips & Tricks

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